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We are not there yet but we are working hard to become a 100% sustainable brand.

Our products
When designing the new collection, we paid attention to the use of recycled materials for our intimates. Over 50% of our collection now consists of designs made from recycled lace and 90% of the current collection is produced sustainably. We aim to make fully circular products, where all materials are part of a sustainable cycle. One step at a time!

The factory
Every item from our new collection is ethically made in Portugal, with employees working under good and safe working conditions and working above the minimum wage.
Pavo’s factory applies best practices in environmentally conscious production based on GOTS certification for sustainable organic fabrics and traceability, Higg FEM self-assessment for environmental awareness, efficient energy consumption and proper waste handling and recycling of textile waste, cardboard and paper.


Certification from our factory

The factory where Pavo produces is also committed to anti-corruption and non-discrimination measures. Measures that are highly valued by Pavo.

Our packaging
Besides the use of compostable and biodegradable polybags to pack our products, also our post boxes are made of recycled materials.



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