Founded in 2018 , started in 2020 by Elise van Twillert with the aim to create stylish, sexy and comfortable lingerie for women. We at Pavo believe that every woman should feel sexy and confident in lingerie and we hope to contribute to a positive self-image of women.

We are on a mission to prove that comfortable does not come at the expense of sexy, and we want you to look and feel your very best, wherever you are, every moment of the day.

On social media, we highlight certain topics because we think they are important and to make people aware of certain issues; female nipples, contraception, sex, etc. We want to creat a crazy and lovely community Click here to follow our Instagram

“Lingerie is my next love after clothing: I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner secret glamour” – Elise van Twillert, owner & founder

The story behind Pavo Couture


Where it started

Elise, the owner of Pavo was still studying in Barcelona when Corona broke out in 2020. Head over heels, she headed back to Amsterdam. Once home, she was building her website for Pavo alongside writing her thesis. This is where Pavo was born, at the kitchen table and sleeping between the first stock of lingerie.


Pavo's vision

Pavo wants a sustainable lingeriemarket

- Over 12% of the materials produced are not used, Pavo makes its collection from recycled materials, on to zero waste!
- The clothing industry is responsible for over 10% of global co2 emissions. If we recycle lace and mesh, we can bring this number down!
- Only 5% of lingerie is produced sustainably, compared to 11% within regular fashion. The lingerie market needs to become more sustainable and Pavo is one of the first.