Fit for summer: workouts from home

Fit for summer: workouts from home

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It’s a crazy time, because of the coronavirus most people are at home, the pubs are closed (very unfortunate), but also the gyms are closed for the time being. WHAT NOW?!

Especially during this period it is very important to take good care of yourself and your body. Sports can even help against depression! Professor of clinical neuropsychology Erik Scherder, who conducts research in this field, says in Trouw: “Most people don’t know that with physical exercise you also work on your memory, on your cognitive (mental) functions. (…) It has a beneficial effect on all sorts of areas: on your resistance, on your mood, on your day/night rhythm (…)”. This emphasizes how important it is to keep moving, even when we are sitting at home. And you know what the best part is? You now have all the time you need to work on your summer body!!!! Because we don’t have to go anywhere!!!

To keep you moving, I have put together my favourite home workouts for you; so you can keep moving from your living room/student room/garden to get more energy ánd work on your summer body (awesome!)!!

  • GAINSBYBRAINS: The incredibly handsome Sophie places exercises you can do from home, every day! You can follow Sophie trough her Instagram page. (Can we have Sophie’s body NOW pleaaase?!)
  • SAINT & STARS #SAINTSHOME Every week saints and stars posts 3 workouts that you can follow from home; lower body, upper body and a fullbody workout, these can be followed through Youtube or Instagram IGTV. They also have a live workout almost every morning at 10:00am on their Instagram channel.
  • UNITEDFIT.BOOTCAMP: 2 (handsome) Dutch men who organize bootcamp lessons together in Barcelona have decided to give their bootcamp lessons online as well! This can only be a success! Keep an eye on their Instagram page!
  • LARZNL: The energy man!! He makes a 10-minute workout every day on his Instagram that you can follow at any time of the day! You can also follow the workouts of Larz via Saint & Stars and BasicfitNL!!
  • BASICFITNL: Basicfit has a home workout online every day! Classes are given by the best trainers and are easy for anyone to follow; from beginner to advanced! Check it on their Instagram page or their website!
  • 1REBEL: The London based studios, 1Rebel, are known for their punishing strength and conditioning classes. The workouts can be followed through their website!