Don’t disappoint your girlfriend this Christmas

Don’t disappoint your girlfriend this Christmas

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For all the men who don’t want to disappoint their girlfriends, wives or boyfriends this year.

We are sure that a beautiful lingerie set or a gift card from Pavo will be well appreciated. For both parties by the way, because which other gift meets the female and male need so well? Indeed, I don’t know either.

Because do you know what is even nicer than buying lingerie? Receiving lingerie. The unwrapping of this present is already a party. Then, of course, the lucky one has to try on the beautiful and especially sexy present. Isn’t this a well-known rule? Whatever you get, you should put on and show off. But hey, this is how I was brought up. Do what you want with this information. 😉

After you have given her the present, she stands in front of you: her body looks beautiful and the tension is running high. Duhh! Your wife is standing in front of you in a beautiful lingerie set! She proudly turns around in front of you: “what do you think of it, darling?”

With a grin, you look at her and answer without words. How does it look? You will find out for yourself.

Of course, picking the perfect size is not always easy, but our helpdesk is always ready to help you find it. Then the fun can begin as soon as possible. Merry Christmas and spoil your girlfriend especially well. Love, Pavo