“Lingerie is my next love after clothing: I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour.”

Pavo CoutureLingerie, the most important item in your wardrobe, the secret under our clothes. We want it to be sexy, snug, firm and comfortable. Pavo Couture has designed a luxurious line that meets all these requirements. We at Pavo Couture breathe new life into the bralette, for women who dare to be different.

The bralettes of Pavo Couture Amsterdam have a strong bond so that they are firm and comfortable even with large (er) breasts. Pavo means peacock in Latin, the different appearances of the peacock symbolize the diversity of our collections.

I’ve always had a passion for beautiful lingerie, from the moment I was allowed to wear a bra, I’m in love with beautiful sets. I had the idea to start my own lingerie line for a while now and I started in January 2017. I designed a luxurious lingerie line that is suitable for large and small breasts, I love beautiful, elegant lingerie that is just a little bit different from the rest. Bralettes are the fashion trend of this moment, they are not only lovely and comfortable but are also often worn as fashion items, for example under a see-through blouse.